Technical Specifications, Performance, and Evaluation of YALÇIN Straw Baling Machine

Technical Specifications, Performance, and Evaluation of YALÇIN Straw Baling Machine

javid keshtleyzeri

Technical Specifications and Performance of YALÇIN Straw Baling Machine

In this article, we explore the technical specifications and performance of the YALÇIN straw baling machine, providing users with comprehensive information on its capabilities.

1. Technical Specifications:

Machine Dimensions: The machine is meticulously designed with dimensions of 4200x2400x3000 millimeters (considering uniformity in length and width) and weighs 5500 kilograms.

Motor: The machine is equipped with a Gamak motor with 37 kilowatts of power and 400 volts. This electric-powered motor consumes up to 61 amperes of electric current.

Packaging System: The machine utilizes a hydraulic packaging system controlled by PLC, operating automatically. This system allows the user to adjust the packaging power.

Motion System: The advanced motion system of the machine involves two belts and a 360-degree rotation mechanism, providing precise control over movements.

2. Machine Performance:

Straw Baling System: The intelligent straw baling system enables users to harness the full potential of agricultural straw and transform it into suitable packaging.

Automatic Packaging: The automatic packaging system, driven by PLC technology, enables users to carry out the packaging process accurately and error-free.

Cost Reduction: The machine contributes to cost reduction by leveraging advanced technology to minimize labor costs and enhance agricultural efficiency.

Important Note:

For optimal utilization of the YALÇIN straw baling machine and prevention of potential issues, users are strongly advised to thoroughly read and adhere to the operational instructions and user guide.

Accurate Results of YALÇIN Straw Baling Machine from Tests and Evaluations

In this article, we will delve into the precise results and performance evaluations of the YALÇIN straw baling machine following various tests.

1. Test Results:

Safety and Reliability Tests: The machine has successfully passed safety and reliability tests, including tests on emergency accessibility and load-bearing capacity.

Motion and Performance Tests: The machine demonstrates highly reliable and accurate performance in motion and functionality tests. The motion system and PLC control system are well-coordinated.

Noise and Sound Tests: Results from noise and sound tests indicate that the machine operates quietly and is within the permissible limits set by standards.

2. Performance Evaluation:

Straw Baling Performance: The machine, employing an intelligent straw baling system, delivers optimal performance in converting straw into precise packaging. The automatic packaging system enhances speed and accuracy in this process.

Cost Reduction and Efficiency: The YALÇIN machine, utilizing advanced technology, aids in reducing human labor costs and increasing efficiency in agriculture.

Ease of Use: Evaluations show that users can easily operate the machine. A detailed user guide with technical details is available to users.

Recommendations, Final Notes, and Summary of YALÇIN Straw Baling Machine

In this article, we will discuss recommendations, final notes, and summarize the overall results of the YALÇIN straw baling machine.

1. Recommendations:

Strict Adherence to Instructions: Users are recommended to meticulously read and follow operational instructions before using the machine.

Regular Maintenance and Repairs: To maintain optimal performance, perform regular maintenance and periodic repairs. Early replacement of parts and system purifications can extend the machine's lifespan.

User Training: Providing training courses to users for the proper use of the machine and basic repairs can be highly effective.

2. Final Notes:

Efficiency and Productivity: The YALÇIN straw baling machine, with high efficiency and suitable productivity, assists farmers in optimizing the use of their products.

Accuracy in Measurement and Settings: In machine usage, precision in material measurements and correct settings contributes to maintaining the quality and uniformity of packaging.

3. Summary:

The YALÇIN straw baling machine, with intelligent design and advanced features, provides the best solution for packaging straw and other dry materials. This machine can be considered a vital tool in the agricultural production chain, helping farmers operate in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. The summary indicates that, based on test results and evaluations, the YALÇIN machine is an ideal choice for farmers and producers.