Introduction of YALÇIN straw press machine

Introduction of YALÇIN straw press machine

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Introduction to YALÇIN Hay Baler

In the realm of agriculture, the YALÇIN Hay Baler from Turkey stands out as an advanced technology for processing agricultural materials. Manufactured by Yalçın Hidrolik Makina-Alattin YALÇIN, this device, employing hydraulic and electronic technology, provides farmers with the capability to optimally package straw and stalks.

Technical Specifications:

  • Device Type: Hay Baler (Saman Paketleme Makinası)
  • Manufacturer Company: Yalçın Hidrolik Makina-Alattin YALÇIN
  • Power Source: Tractor (minimum 90 horsepower) or Electric (37 kW motor)
  • Capacity: 25-35 kilograms (depending on material type)
  • Control System: Electronic PLC
  • Cooling System: Air heating and oil cooling system


  • The device utilizes a hydraulic system with two pistons to compress agricultural materials into small, compact packages.
  • It features an automatic packaging system and the capability for manual or automatic loading of packages.


  • Reduction in the need for human labor, resulting in savings in both time and cost.
  • The possibility of precise adjustments and control through the PLC system for optimizing the packaging process.


  • The device is usable simultaneously with a tractor or an electrically powered motor.
  • It boasts a robust and reliable structure, incorporating the latest hydraulic technology.

Operation and Maintenance:

  • For optimal performance, adhere to periodic guidelines and maintenance procedures.
  • In case of post-sale services, contact the manufacturer.

In upcoming articles, we will delve into more details regarding the device components, control systems, and maintenance procedures, along with post-sale services.